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News and Information for the 21st Century

June 21 – July 2, Monday – Friday, Online

In News and Information for the 21st Century, students will learn foundational reporting skills for online, print and broadcast media. Together with instructors from the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s top-tier School of Journalism and Mass Communication, students will learn how news media present information to citizens. This course will introduce students to basic technical skills and help them learn to define, debate and reflect on what constitutes “news.” Students will focus on the role of organizations, researchers, and most importantly, themselves and their peers in news creation and consumption. At the end of this course, students will acquire an understanding of how to look for and truly understand sources behind the content they see. Students also will reflect on some of the most critical challenges faced by journalism today, including misinformation, citizen distrust, polarization and the impact of social media.

This course is intended for students interested in journalism, media, social media, writing, communications and political science.

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