Asst. Professor Kathleen Bartzen Culver gives PBS “9 Reasons for Optimism for the Future of Journalism Education”

“Back in October, I delivered opening remarks at the Reynolds Journalism Institute’s Green Shoots in Journalism Education event. I said I can be accused of donning rose-colored glasses, of seeing the curricular glass as at least half full.

These can be difficult days for those of us who teach journalism. It’s easy to get pessimistic looking at stalled curriculum revisions, strained budgets and depressing industry developments. Yet I’m more optimistic than I have ever been about the potential for innovation in my teaching and the opportunities my students will meet when they leave me.

Our major can easily be seen as a “gateway degree,” as Jan Schaffer termed it for EducationShift. Efforts to engage and train critical thinkers and clear writers are flowering in newsrooms and beyond. My favorite element of the “Green Shoots” event was the metaphor itself. It’s about growth. When I look to journalism education for evidence of growth, I easily find nine branches.”

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