Communication Crossroads 2015: Schedule available now

March 13, 2015
8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
5055 Vilas Hall

Graduate students from all disciplines are invited to attend Communication Crossroads conference, hosted by the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at UW-Madison.

This is a chance for emerging scholars to share research and hear about projects from the  graduate students.  See how colleagues and potential collaborators from across campus are engaging issues of media, communication and society.

Drop by when you can. Advanced registration is not required. Lunch is free.

Follow the conversation on Twitter: #CrossroadsUW.

Download PDF here

Communication Crossroads 2015 Program and Schedule
8:45 a.m. Breakfast begins
9 a.m. Welcome and introductions – Hernando Rojas, Meredith Metzler

9:15-10:15 a.m. Panel 1: Advertising and Representation
Moderator: Caitlin Cieslik-Miskimen

  • “A New Kind of Brand: ABC Family and Millennial Marketing” – Megan Connor, UW-Milwaukee
  • “Gender-bending sponges and flamboyant alien babies: Interpreting controversies over gay-identified characters on children’s animated programs” – Kate Kallenberger – UW-Milwaukee
  • “An Old “Wives” Tale: The PMRC, The Los Angeles Times, and Moral Panic” – Daniel Murphy – UW-Milwaukee
  • “Content Analysis of Advertisement Slogans in Time Magazine” – Hossein Panahi, Doug McLeod

10:30 – 11:45 a.m. Panel 2: Political Communication
Moderator: German Alvarez

  • It’s Not Easy (Not) Being Green: Frame dissonance between the Green Party and Newspaper Coverage of the Party – Ceri Hughes – SJMC
  • Bowling in Women’s League: Gendered Discussion Networks and Political Consequences – Yangsun Hong – SJMC
  • Egocentric Publics, Extremism, and Political Participation – David Coppini – SJMC
  • Crossing Lines: Selective and Cross-Cutting Information Seeking Among Partisans – JungHwan Yang, David Wise, Al Gunther – SJMC
  •  Framing News About Science and Religion: How Worldviews Affect Perceived Media Bias and Influence on Others – Mallory Perryman – SJMC

11:45 a.m. -12:45 p.m. Lunch

12 p.m.–12:40 p.m.: Keynote Address
Ken Goldstein
Rethinking the Effects of Televised Advertisements in Presidential Campaigns

Research group posters and representatives in Lobby
PACE and Video Game Research Lab Open House

1- 2 p.m. Panel 3: Health Communication and Media Effects
Moderator: Yangsun Hong

  • The Interplay Between Verbal Frames and Visual Images in Influencing News Readers’ Perceptions of the Social Determinants of Obesity – Rachel Kornfield, Jiawei Liu, Yuhai Chen – SJMC
  • FtF and Computer-mediated talk about smoking: How talk affects perceived risk and benefits of smoking – Kwansik Mun – SJMC
  • The Influence of Interaction between Self-Esteem and Reward Type in the International Relief Activities Campaign – Sunghak Kim – SJMC
  • Health-related Media Consumption and Risky Use of Health Supplements – Zhen Di, Rachel Kornfield, Tae Joon Moon – SJMC

2:15 – 3:30 p.m. Panel 4: New Media Platforms
Moderator: Kwansik Mun

  • Social Networks and Fantasy Football – Ethan Collins – UW-Milwaukee
  • What is a Smartphone For? The Discursive Construction of the iPhone in Apple’s Advertising – Cole Stratton – UW-Milwaukee
  • Boredom is Always Counter-Revolutionary: Locating the Trickster in the Archives of the Carnivalesque – Paromita Sengupta – UW-Milwaukee
  • Media Competition in the Convergence Environment: a Case Study of Smartphone Use with Computer Use – Ho Young Yoon – SJMC
  • Social Media Use and Political Disagreement – Matthew Barnidge – SJMC

3:45 – 5 p.m. Panel 5: Identity and Culture
Moderator: Alicia Wright

  • An Imperial Affliction: A Campaign Analysis of John Green – Meg Kohlmann – UW-Milwaukee
  • Ethics in Design: Online Commenting as a Digital Public Sphere – Kristen Bialik – SJMC
  • “That’s So Gay”: Gay Perspective in a Pre-AIDS Era – Ryan Sugden, Chris Terry – UW-Milwaukee
  • The Public Perception of National Power: A Comparison between China and United States – Winnie Wu – SJMC
  • Ultimate Rebranding: The Active Commodification of Sport Culture – Caitlin Cieslik-Miskimen – SJMC