CHESS Team Wins Top Paper Award at CECCR Meeting

A Center for Health Enhancement System Studies (CHESS) research team led by SJMC Doctoral Candidate Tae Joon Moon, received the top paper award at the most recent Center for Excellence in Cancer Communication Research Grantee meeting.  The paper, entitled “”Don’t Forget to Take Care of YOU Too”: An Analysis of Message Sequence in an Online Support Group for Cancer Caregivers,” focuses on message exchanges within a social networking platform created for cancer care. Tae Joon and his co-authors, Ming Yuan Chih, Dhavan V. Shah, and David H. Gustafson, are all involved in the UW-Center for Excellence in Cancer Communication.  The paper was selected from among a large pool of studies presented by leading cancer communication specialists from the University of Pennsylvania, University of Michigan, Washington University in St. Louis, and Kaiser-Permanente, the sites of the other NIH-funded CECCRs.

As stated on the National Cancer Institute’s website, “the CECCR initiative remains the centerpiece of NCI’s Extraordinary Opportunity in Cancer Communication, a broad initiative that supports research and outreach aimed at increasing the knowledge about, tools for, access to, and use of cancer communications by the public, patients, survivors, and health professionals.”  CHESS is directed by David Gustafson, with a focus on using communication technologies to improve health and quality of life; SJMC Professor Dhavan Shah is Scientific Director within the Center. For more information about this research or the broader program of study from which it originates, contact Tae Joon Moon at