Curb Magazine course profiled for iPad use

Today in UW-Madison News, Katy Culver’s Curb Magazine course (J 417) was profiled for its innovative use of the Apple iPad in the classroom:

Culver’s students publish a complete edition of Curb and also produce an app to accompany it. Her goal is to have students understand how this app will affect print magazine production and how the use of audio, video and slideshows enhance the platform.
Journalism students use a combination of iPad tablets, laptop computers and traditional desktop computers during a magazine-production class in Vilas Communication Hall.
At first, Culver said her students expressed sheer excitement about how the iPad was used in the course curriculum. Overall, it has been a positive experience in her class since it has not made significant changes to the syllabus.
Our classroom iPads were provided largely through funding by the UW General Library System, supplemented by gifts provided by generous alumni donors to our Mass Communication Fund.  For more on how these and other iPads are being used in SJMC and around campus, read the full article by Aimee Katz here.