Deb Blum’s “The Poisoner’s Handbook” on PBS’s American Experience

Professor Deborah Blum’s book about the early days of forensic toxicology, The Poisoner’s Handbook, was the subject of a two-hour documentary film on PBS’s  American Experience. The film, also titled The Poisoner’s Handbook, was first broadcast on January 4 and served as the premiere episode for the 2014 season. It received widespread praise from television reviewers. The Los Angeles Times called it a “fascinating look back at how the chemical age changed police work. And The New York Times wrote: At a time when new types of science are demanding to be taken seriously in courts and the consumer arena, the subject resonates. Blum, who appeared in the program as one of the narrators of the story, said she was delighted to be part of such a beautifully done program which through interviews, dramatic reenactments and original photos and film brought to life the science, the people, and the murders of the time. The program can be view by live stream through the American experience website: