Did SJMC give you something great? Give back!

This week we are having great fun with the hashtag #SJMCGaveMe all over social media — on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram — as we ask our students, staff, faculty, alumni, and friends about all the things that SJMC has given them over the years.  Here are some great examples from the http://sjmcgaveme.journalism.wisc.edu microsite:

  • #SJMCGaveMe a place to expand my mind, get inspired and screw my head on straight. And, to learn reporters don’t take no for an answer
  • ​#SJMCGaveMe a 30-years-and-counting career that’s been flexible and enjoyable and at every stage of my life. Now my daughter is following suit…#proudmama
  • #SJMCGaveMe appreciation the medium is the message, and that all employers want ALL mediums

Did SJMC give you something great?  Share your story with all of us, and then, please make a gift to support our mission going forward, so we can keep on giving great things to the next generation of students.  We’ll be soliciting your stories and hoping to see your gifts all week long, but on Tuesday April 29 your gift will be matched two for one by a generous fund put together by our alumni Board of Visitors.  Please consider making a donation — and thank you for everything you have given us!