Graduate Students Take Home Top Paper Awards at Annual Journalism Conference

Journalism and Mass Communication faculty members and graduate students showcased their latest research at the annual conference for the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication.

Among the department’s 15 peer-reviewed papers accepted at the conference, two took home  research awards in their divisions. Doctoral candidates Michael Mirer and Megan Duncan were awarded the MacDougall Student Paper award in the Newspaper and Online News division, and doctoral candidate Mallory Perryman was recognized among the top student submissions in the Communication Theory and Methodology division. These papers were recognized for their excellent quality amongst a group of nearly 950 papers accepted to the conference from a pool of almost 1,900 submissions. 

More than 1,700 scholars attended AEJMC’s annual conference in San Francisco in August.  

SJMC Research at the 2015 AEJMC Conference

“When Everyone’s Watching. A Motivations-based Account of Selective Expression and Exposure”
David Coppini
Megan Duncan
David Wise
Douglas McLeod
Kristen Bialik
Yin Wu

“Persuasive Social Media Inference: Online Social Climate and Perceptions of Public Opinion”
David Coppini
Stephanie Jean Tsang

“Citizen In-group Bias Effects on Credibility in Ebola News Coverage”
Megan Duncan

“Life Satisfaction and Political Participation”
Chang Won Jung
Hernando Rojas

“Social Network Discussion: Life Satisfaction and Political Participation”
Chang Won Jung
Hernando Rojas

“Healthy Concern for the Environment: How Health Framing Can Better Engage Audiences with News Coverage of Environmental Issues”
Patrice Kohl

“The Audience Brand: The Clash Between Public Dialogue and Brand Preservation in News Comment Sections”
Meredith Metzler

“‘I Did What I do’ vs ‘I Cover Football’: Team Media and Athlete Protest”
Michael Mirer

“Taking it from the Team: Assessments of Bias and Credibility in Team-operated Sports Media” *
Michael Mirer
Megan Duncan

“The Invisible Race: Analysis of Racial Hierarchy in Contemporary Mexican Cinema”
Alberto Orellana-Campos 

“The Reciprocal Relationship Between Hostile Media Perception and Presumed Media Influence” *
Mallory Perryman

“What Health Risk? Constructions of Definitional Power and Complex Science in Policy News”
Linda Pfeiffer

“Ethics in Design: The Public Sphere and Value Considerations in Online Commenting Development”
Kristen Bialik

“When White Reporters Cover Race: The News Media, Objectivity, and Community (Dis-)trust”
Sue Robinson
Katy Culver

“How Journalists Experience the Hostile Media Effect”
Mike Wagner

“What Comes After the First Click? A New Way to Look  at Selective Exposure”
JungHwan Yang
David Wise
Albert Gunther

*student paper award