Hemant Shah Awarded Leon Epstein Faculty Fellowship

School of Journalism and Mass Communication director Hemant Shah

Professor Hemant Shah was named a Leon Epstein Faculty Fellow by the College of Letters and Sciences for 2014-2017. The award is made in recogonition of Shah’s contributions in teaching, research and service, and carries with it a flexible research fund of $20,000 per year for a period of three years. Professor Shah, a member of the SJMC faculty since 1990, has been interested in understanding how societies become heterogeneous and in exploring the ways such societies experience and manage diversity. These interests have led Shah into a number of intellectual domains, including globalization, critical race theory, cultural studies, social movements and diaspora studies. These traditions of scholarship, which Shah has incorporated into studies of journalism and mass communication, shape the central intellectual puzzle of Shah’s research agenda: What are the social, political and cultural implications of the ways mass media construct and publicly circulate the ideas “race” and “nation”? Shah’s teaching duties have largely aligned with his research interests, including an introductory course (J162) and a senior-level course (J662) on mass media and minorities. He also serves as Director of Graduate Studies in the SJMC. He has been major professor for 9 Ph.D.students and 12 M.A. students, and is currently advising 4 doctoral students. Shah also has been active on issues related to campus climate and diversity, most recently serving as chair of the UW Ethnic Studies Requirement committee.