Learn about PR trends from Farrell on April 22

Scott Farrell, GolinHarris

Scott Farrell, GolinHarris

School of Journalism and Mass Communication alumnus Scott Farrell will be on campus Tuesday, April 22, to speak on the emerging global trend happening in the current PR industry and how students and new graduates interested in the field can adapt and thrive in this new era.

Farrell brings more than 35 years of PR experience to campus, including over 15 years working at Chicago public relations firm GolinHarris. During his time at GolinHarris, Farrell has worked on an extensive list of notable brands, including Dow Chemical Company, Aon Corporation, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, Underwriter’s Laboratories, TransUnion, Nokia, Wrigley, Nestlé Purina, SC Johnson and State Farm Insurance.

As the head of GolinHarris’ Global Corporate Communications department, Farrell fully understands the need for not only businesses, but also new industry professionals, to realize and react to the seismic change in perspective happening in the PR industry regarding new business development in growing PR markets.

“The vast majority of economic growth in the world over the next ten years will take place in emerging markets,” Farrell says. “And more than ever, companies are adjusting their business strategies and workforce to capture their fair share of this economic jackpot. As someone who has managed projects and campaigns in more than 30 countries around the world, I believe that understanding this and knowing how to position yourself as someone with global business literacy can be a passport to career success.”

Farrell will be on campus all day on April 22, sharing his insights into the PR industry with students, along with speaking on a variety of issues facing the PR industry today.

Find him at one of these events:

  • 1:30-2:30 p.m.: Informal Lunch and Learn: “How to Save a Company in 60 minutes: inside the crisis war room”
    Vilas 2195, James L. Hoyt Multimedia Classroom
  • 2-4 p.m.: Office hours with students (all spots have been filled)
    Vilas 5022
  • 7-8 p.m.: Joint meeting with Ad Club and PRSSA, titled: “Becoming a Global Communicator: Your Passport to Success”
    Vilas 2195, James L. Hoyt Multimedia Classroom