Critical Thinking & Writing Instructor (Perfect for J-School Students)

Employer Capstone Educational Group
Location Hong Kong
Type Full time
Contact information To apply for this opportunity, please send your resume and a cover letter and salary expectations to
Apply by September 30, 2022
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Posted on May 6, 2022


Do you enjoy helping others reach their intellectual potential through lively discussions on current events and trends? We are looking for intelligent and driven instructors with journalism and communications backgrounds who are committed to student development. We believe they have the tools to synthesize and distill complex information into terms that students from all backgrounds can understand. This, along with the ability to teach the fundamentals of concise writing and editing, make journalism and communications graduates the perfect fit for the critical thinking and writing courses we offer.

While all of our instructors have impressive backgrounds, they also possess enthusiasm and a diverse range of life experiences that engage and grow our students. Beyond this charisma and intelligence, we look for candidates with moral aptitude and a personal character that allows them to be appropriate role models for developing youth.

Our office is located in the heart of Hong Kong, which has recently begun loosening pandemic restrictions. We cover the costs of transportation and a short stay at a quarantine hotel. Moreover, we are more than happy to help new arrivals transition to life in one of Asia’s most vibrant cities.

Instructors will:
• Develop students’ communication and critical thinking through socially engaging and thought-provoking themes, topics, and activities
• Present various perspectives for students (for example, through discussion of current events) to grapple with and continuously challenge students’ ideas
• Instill positive humanistic values in students, especially of critical thinking and rigorous analysis
• Instruct learners of various English levels in weekly or twice-weekly lessons, ensuring full comprehension of course materials (at minimum: be comfortable with Grades 3 through 9; ideally capable of teaching either Grades 1 through 2 or Grades 10 through 12 in addition)
• Assist in designing lesson content on a regular basis
• Prepare for lessons and provide insightful, actionable feedback on the material as needed
• Grade homework on a weekly basis, giving insightful, actionable feedback to lesson planners and students
• Inspire learners with an energetic demeanor and by forming personal connections with them
• Assess student performance qualitatively and deliver recommendations in progress reports
• Collaborate effectively with other teaching and administrative staff

The ideal candidate will:
• Possess an undergraduate degree from a university with an English medium curriculum
• Possess (but not a requirement) a Master’s degree in TESOL, Applied Linguistics, or a related field (e.g. Reading/Literacy); or, demonstrate significant high-quality teaching experience
• Have a track record of proactively finding new ways to improve their organizations
• Show a strong sense of intellectual vitality that inspires learning in others
• Show strong interpersonal skills, especially when working with parents and colleagues
• Be comfortable in a flexible role with high degrees of personal independence
• Speak English natively

What We Offer:
• Full work visa sponsorship for Hong Kong
• Cover the costs of a short, 7-day hotel quarantine
• Round-trip transportation/travel allowance
• Competitive compensation package based on experience and qualifications, with performance bonuses
• Collaborative work environment
• Comprehensive medical insurance
• Full-time/Part-time positions are available

To apply for this opportunity, please send your resume and a cover letter and salary expectations to