Digital Content Specialist-Graphic Artist

Location La Crosse, WI
Type Full time
Apply by May 31, 2023
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Posted on April 28, 2023


Job Title: Graphic Artist/ Digital Content Specialist
Company: Mid-West Family La Crosse
Location: Downtown La Crosse, Wisconsin
About the Company: Mid-West Family La Crosse is a digital marketing and media company dedicated to helping local businesses grow. Our team of professionals provides full-funnel marketing strategies and services, managing brand awareness and lead generation campaigns for clients across various industries.
Job Description: We are currently seeking a talented Graphic Artist and Digital Content Specialist to join our team. In this role, you will be responsible for creating compelling visual and written content for a variety of digital platforms, including social media, website design, and email marketing campaigns. You will also be tasked with developing short-term and long-term content strategies based on data analysis, monitoring web traffic performance, and presenting findings to clients and colleagues.
Create visually compelling designs and graphics for various digital platforms
Write engaging content for social media, website, and email campaigns
Collaborate with internal departments, such as project management, development, and creative teams
Develop short-term and long-term content strategies by analyzing data
Monitor, analyze, and report on web traffic performance
Create and deliver audits and reports for a variety of stakeholders

Associate or bachelor’s degree in a related field
Proficiency in graphic design tools such as Adobe Creative Suite, Canva, or similar software.
Knowledge of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and TikTok.
Experience in creating visually appealing and engaging social media content, including static graphics, animations, and video.
Understanding of social media analytics/reporting tools to track and measure campaign performance
Ability to stay up to date with emerging trends and best practices in social media and graphic design
Excellent communication and writing skills
Basic knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO) principles
Experience in project management, including the ability to prioritize tasks, manage timelines, and work collaboratively with other team members.

Microsoft Office proficiency
Video editing skills
Photography skills

The Ideal Candidate: The ideal candidate for this position is a talented Graphic Artist with strong writing skills who can think critically and communicate effectively. Familiarity with data analysis and the ability to present information to different audiences is important.
Why Work for Mid-West Family La Crosse: We offer a competitive salary and benefits package, promote individual and community growth, and provide ongoing professional development opportunities. Our team is made up of both analytical thinkers and right-brained creatives who are passionate about helping our clients succeed. We care about our local business owners and the impact they make on the community. If you’re interested in working for a company that values your skills and provides a positive work environment, we would love to hear from you!

Send resume to by May 31st, 2023

Mid-West Family La Crosse is an Equal Opportunity Employer