Grant Writing Internship with Media Charity

Employer Roots Interns / Developing Radio Partners
Location Remote
Type Internship
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Apply by May 20, 2022
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Posted on February 4, 2022


If you’re a skilled writer, and you’d like to advance your craft further, here’s an opportunity to gain some practical experience in writing grant applications and funding proposals.

You’ll join Developing Radio Partners, a US-based nonprofit that runs media-focused projects across sub-Saharan Africa. DRP’s mission is to strengthen local radio and other media to address important issues impacting people’s lives. They do this by training local talent to become successful storytellers and broadcasters.

As a grant writing intern, you’ll focus on finding relevant funding opportunities, drafting applications and proposals, and putting impact reports together. It’s a wonderful opportunity to further develop your writing skills, to explore the fundraising landscape, and to contribute to an inspiring mission.

This grant writing internship is available remotely, so you can work from anywhere. The right candidate has excellent writing skills, an ability to work independently, and a hunger to learn about fundraising.

Developing Radio Partners (DRP) believes radio can change minds and lives. Driven by this premise, this nonprofit organization uses the medium of radio to bring reliable and important information to rural communities in Africa. In partnership with local broadcasters in Zambia, Malawi, and Burkina Faso, Developing Radio Partners help disseminate information on issues such as environment, agriculture, health, and governance. The broadcasts offer ideas and facts that can bring easy-to-implement solutions to everyday challenges, and improve people’s lives in significant ways.

Working in a solution-focused way, the DRP team thoroughly researches the needs of communities and its local radio stations, before developing skill-development programs in partnership with local journalists. Through weekly bulletins on relevant and practical topics, and by encouraging engagement through radio listening clubs, the right information reaches people who most need it.

Started in 2004 by one of the founders of National Public Radio in the United States, Developing Radio Partners is a well-established organization that has created tangible impact in many African communities.


What you’ll do
As a grant writing intern, you’ll focus on the following work;
– Doing fundraising research; finding suitable grant and other funding opportunities
– Writing grant applications
– Creating funding proposals
– Assisting with writing impact reports
– Potentially working on other writing projects

– Excellent and persuasive writing skills
– Great research skills
– Good time management skills
– An ability to absorb material quite quickly
– A passion for the work Developing Radio Partners does

Please keep the following in mind:
– This is a remote internship, so you can work from the comfort of your home.
– You can start your internship with this organization every week. Please note this organization is closed for several weeks of summer holiday at the end of the year.
– During the internship you will be linked to a supervisor/mentor who you will most likely be in daily contact with.
– The internship with this non-profit is based on a voluntary work placement which means you are not receiving any remuneration.
– The fee for this remote internship is a fixed fee of USD 475.
– If you apply to this internship you will be contacted by Roots Interns as they handle all internship applications for this organization. Roots Interns will provide you with support to prepare you for your internship.

Click here to apply online.

Application deadline – May 20, 2022.