High Road Project Assistant / Student Hourly

Employer COWS
Location Madison, WI
Type Part time
Contact information Jay Ferm (COWS Office and Financial Manager) at jferm@cows.org.
Apply by April 1, 2023
More details https://cows.org/now-hiring/
Posted on January 26, 2023


COWS is looking for smart and ethical undergraduate and graduate students to help with an evolving variety of research projects in implementing high-road policies and practices in US states, regions and municipalities. For undergrads, we pay on an hourly basis, at $15 an hour. For grad students, we follow the rules on Project Assistants.

Please look at the COWS website, including our managed projects: Mayors Innovation Project (MIP), State Smart Transportation Initiative (SSTI), Progressive Local Government Solutions for the 21st Century (ProGov21), and Government Performance Action and Learning (GPAL); and allied projects: Economic Analysis Research Network (EARN), Emerald Cities Collaborative (ECC), State Innovation Exchange (SiX), and Wisconsin Regional Training Partnership (WRTP), before deciding on interest.

For grad students in particular (though we’re more than open to advanced undergraduates), demonstrated competence in R (or STATA) and Python is essential, and in SQL welcome. Also, for at least one of the projects, some experience with ML (machine learning) very desirable. For all candidates, good writing skills and ability to work with others in an exciting but often demanding environment critical.

If interested in applying for employment at COWS, please writes us a cover letter explaining why you’re interested and what you’re particularly interested in working on and attach a CV and/or any relevant work you’d like us to know of. Also, let us know when you can begin and, if undergrad, the number of hours/week you think you’d be available.