Livestream Technician (Sundays)

Employer Christ Presbyterian Church
Location Madison, WI
Type Part time
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Apply by October 30, 2021
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Posted on August 18, 2021


Christ Presbyterian Church is hiring a Livestream Technician to help with livestreaming services.

• Oversees all aspects of livestream needs for worship services at CPC:
• Livestream and video presentation, both live and recorded, of Sunday morning services.
• Operates cameras and manages the livestreaming process during worship.
• Familiarity with OBS or equivalent software
• Saves worship video to the cloud and posts to CPC online platforms following the service.
• In addition to onsite livestreaming, role may include production of pre-recorded service elements.
• Ensures all technical equipment is set up optimally for rehearsals and services.
• Maintains systems: responsible for equipment upgrades and scheduling of repairs.
• Recruits and trains volunteers as needed.
• Uses evening rehearsal time to prepare for Sunday worship, assist Audio Visual Coordinator, and train new volunteers.
• Interfaces with Worship Directors, Pastors, Audio Visual Coordinator, and Planning Center Online (PCO) (online worship planning software) for full preparedness.
• Is personally available or accountable for finding substitutes for other occasional livestream/video needs (weddings, funerals, promotional materials).
• Is accountable to both worship Directors on Sunday mornings and during special services (Christmas Eve, Holy Week, Easter, etc.).

SECONDARY RESPONSIBILITIES: (to be determined based on skill set and interest level)
• Assists the leadership team in securing equipment bids/upgrades as projects develop.
• Assesses future technology needs and works to implement them according to church vision.
• Films and edits occasional supplemental materials such as promotional, announcement videos, and event videos.
• Assures and maintains a quality livestream audio mix with the assistance of the AV Coordinator.

Hard Skills
• Demonstrated livestream production experience
• Understanding of PTZ cameras (or similar) and the interfaces and image influences such as SDI, USB, NDI, and HDMI connections and lighting levels.
• Familiarity with OBS or equivalent software, ProPresenter, PCO, and basic audio skills preferred.
• Ability to think quickly and react/troubleshoot appropriately in high demand situations
• May be called upon for lifting, pulling, climbing, bending, carrying, and pushing as needed to set up activities and events. Ability to lift up to 50 pounds preferred.
• Understanding of video storytelling and editing experience for creating videos for broadcast during the service and for outreach use (promotions, announcements, etc.).
Soft Skills
• Sees role as a ministry leader with a heart for worshiping God.
• Has a strong passion to support the worship ministry of CPC.
• Understands worship philosophy.
• Has strong communication and leadership skills.
• Is willing to learn from and teach others.
• Collaborates well with others.
• Continually seeks improvement.
• Welcomes constructive input.

Pay: minimum of $20/hour.

Required Hours: Up to 8 hours/week. Sundays 8am-12pm, Wednesdays 6:30-8:30pm. Additional hours as needed.

To Apply: Please send a cover letter and resume to

Application Deadline—October 30, 2021.