Marketing Strategist and Content Promoter

Location Remote
Type Part time
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Apply by March 1, 2021
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Posted on February 22, 2021


Please contact us if you’d be interested in helping (moms/parenting blog) with marketing part-time (say 2 to 5 hours a week, with flexibility as per your convenience). The main goal of the role would be to do content promotion, outreach on email, post to Facebook/reddit groups, and figure out cross-promo opportunities with other bloggers or parenting newsletters. Also, based on what I’ve seen with UW School of Journalism students, many creative students have experience coming up with their own marketing strategies and plans, so maybe you’ll have even better ideas than what we’ve come up with so far in helping us promote Lucie’s List while staying true to our brand of helping new moms/parents.

When you reach out to us (, please include a brief proposal that also mentions your expectation of hourly compensation. Thank you!

Application Deadline – March 1, 2021.