Part time writer for our legal blog

Employer Rosca Scarlato LLC
Location Remote
Type Part time
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Apply by January 31, 2022
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Posted on December 30, 2021


We’re newly created small law firm looking for help with writing content for our website. The job will alternate between 1) writing original content based on provided sources and previously written articles on similar subjects and 2) editing automatically generated articles for daily blogs.

These two main tasks will be compensated at a different rate. The monthly budget we have for this project is $500.

Basic Requirements:
Bachelor’s degree, or coursework towards obtaining a bachelor’s degree, strong writing abilities. Previous experience in online blogging or an educational or professional background in journalism or the law are a plus. Please include a writing sample with your application.

There will be a one month trial. We’ll edit the articles you send us during this period, and by the end of the two months we expect the number of edits to drop to near zero.

Writing Sample:
Only application with samples will be taken into account.