Plataforma PLACA Virtual Communications and Marketing Internship

Employer Plataforma de Artistas Chilango Aldaluces
Location Remote
Type Internship
Apply by December 4, 2022
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Posted on November 21, 2022


Plataforma PLACA (Plataforma de Artistas Chilango Aldaluces) is an artistic and cultural organization that promotes poetry and art in Spain, Mexico and other countries. Plataforma PLACA help organize many cultural events around Spain including book fairs, literary festivals, and documentaries.
The Virtual Communications and Marketing Intern will have the following tasks and projects:

-Create promotional materials including posters, banners and GIFs
-Help develop a visual marketing plan to disseminate the projects of #PlataformaPLACA
-Develop graphic and visual context for social media networks and the website
-Help develop a communication plan for projects located within and with the intended audience of the Spanish-speaking world, principally Mexico, Spain, Chile and the U.S. (Spanish necessary)
-Manage the social media networks, principally Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and Facebook.
-Create marketing content
-Plan and carry out mailing campaigns
-Participation in cultural events online, incorporating one’s own creative ideas

Flexible schedule, but since this organization is based in Madrid, Spain, the ideal time to work is Monday-Friday between 10am and 1pm because of the time difference. Most communication will be done via Whatsapp.