Publicity Video Producer

Employer Assured
Location Madison, WI
Type Internship
Apply by January 21, 2021
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Posted on December 21, 2020


Assured is a nonprofit organization that is creating a better, boundless, and bountiful system for scientific research than the current traditional system (

We are looking for a creative and social-media skilled person to design and produce a publicity YouTube video for our effort. Graduate or Senior Undergraduate Students wanting to try new ideas or approaches would be most welcome. As this video would be the first in a series that we are planning, a serial concept would be appropriate as well.

Basic content/storyboard will be provided in Word and PowerPoint formats. Voice/audio will have to be provided by the producer, as well as any images/photos required to make a simple, elegant, and reasonably-priced product. Mass communication scripting skills, and a good understanding of scientific research and its impact on society, will be valuable.

If you are interested in the job (please submit a resume and note of interest and your relevant experience/skills/ideas) or require more information, please contact

Dr. Cedric Wesley

CEO and President