Road Warrior (Marketing)

Employer Designated Paragon Marketing Group, LLC
Location Skokie, IL
Type Part time
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Posted on October 14, 2020


As a Road Warrior, you will be employed by GMP Management, Inc. (“GMP”) for the Gatorade® Youth Program (the “Program”), which is managed by Paragon. In this position, you will work with a designated Paragon Representative and act as a liaison between Paragon and the venues at which you will carry out your job duties. This includes becoming knowledgeable of all aspects of Gatorade’s® involvement in the Program, becoming familiar with all Gatorade® products that are promoted in the Program, and being available to answer questions of venue/event contacts and event attendees.

Duties and Responsibilities:
• Assist with strategic planning for product and premium placement at each event
• Assist with managing and overseeing on-site logistics and on-site staff at events, as needed
• Assist your Paragon Representative and local venues to manage the shipping process, including assistance with:
• Receiving inventory of products, premiums, and equipment and determining storage location(s)
• Coordinating the unloading of supplies from the truck and verifying correct quantities received
• Packing equipment at the end of the event and scheduling a pick-up time and location
• Assist your Paragon Representative and local venues to manage allocation and distribution of products and premiums, including:
• Verifying logistics, including times, locations, and messaging
• Serving correct products at correct times and correct temperature
• Ensuring that quantities of products and supplies have been distributed appropriately
• Troubleshoot and provide ongoing feedback and evaluation of local events
• Perform other duties as assigned based on business needs

Work Skills and Qualifications:
• Is self-motivated and capable of working without supervision outside of an office environment
• Possesses strong public speaking skills, sound organizational skills, and computer literacy
• Demonstrates strong interpersonal skills and an ability to manage other employees
• Exhibits a professional demeanor and compelling customer service attitude
• Is high-energy and dependable, and possesses a strong work ethic
• Is able to work in a team environment
• Is results-driven and well organized, with an ability to prioritize, organize, and manage multiple projects
• Exhibits adeptness at responding to new opportunities and adapting quickly to shifting conditions
• Demonstrates an ability to follow directions and meet deadlines

Experience: Internship experience in marketing industry preferred.

Travel Requirements:
• Must have reliable transportation for local travel
• Extensive national travel and limited local travel required, extending into nights and weekends
• Must be available to travel potentially 12 out of 16 weekends between May 1, 2021 and August 31, 2021
• Must be available to travel May 21-May 25 and July 1-July 6 for events

• High School diploma or GED required
• If currently a college student, preferably in a program pertaining to marketing, advertising, sports management, or business

Physical Demands: Standing and sitting for prolonged periods of time; occasional lifting of light to moderate weight objects.

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Deadline not specified—Apply ASAP!