Social Media Marketing Internship

Employer Madison Capitols
Location Madison, WI
Type Internship
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Posted on August 31, 2022



To create an environment where our organization can have a positive impact on all people through the game of hockey.


Intern must attend a minimum of fifteen (15) games during the 2022-23 season. Transportation will be provided, if needed, by Madison Capitols for all home games. Office hours are encouraged, but not required.

Internship – Outline & Initiatives

The following is a list of the initiatives we are looking to implement, improve upon and create for the 2022-23 season. Our marketing, social media reach and media relations presence are imperative to our success:

  1. Social Media – Creativity & Consistency
    1. Creation of unique and original ideas that we can implement during the season
      1. Ideas for individual games
      2. Ideas that continue throughout the entire season
    2. Understanding of target demographic
      1. How can we be most effective? Greatest reach and ROI?
      2. Timing of content sent – weeks prior, day before game, etc.
      3. Family-friendly always – no matter the game night
  1. Collaboration with Capitols staff
    1. Working alongside Capitols director of Media Relations to formulate social media posts
  2. Social media activation and growth
    1. How are we leveraging our current partnerships?
    2. How can we engage more fans?
    3. Goal: increase of 10% in followers on each platform by end of 2022-23 season

Reach out to us via email at Please include relevant contact information and your resume.