Summer Data and Graphics Department Internship

Employer The Los Angeles Times
Location Los Angeles, CA
Type Internship
Apply by November 15, 2020
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Posted on October 13, 2020


Interested in working with some of the best journalists around? The Los Angeles Times offers 10 weeks of intensive, hands-on experience in a region where big stories are the norm. These are paid internships and placements usually run from June to late August. We do not have fall or spring internships.

Visit 2021 Summer Data and Graphics Department Internship for more information about the data and graphics internship and learn how to apply.

The Los Angeles Times is seeking a summer intern to join its Data and Graphics Department. The intern will partner with reporters and editors across the newsroom to inform and engage our readers.

This paid job will provide experience working with professional reporters and computer programmers as they report the news. The intern will join a newsroom team that works to collect, organize, analyze and present structured data. Its journalism has attracted millions of readers, sparked sweeping government reforms and helped win some of our industry’s highest awards.

Past interns have built searchable databases, invented newsroom tools, released open-source libraries, visualized data and developed maps. They have gone on to jobs at the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, the Associated Press, ProPublica, Vox Media and Politico.

We don’t expect our interns to walk in the door with knowledge of every programming language. But strong applicants will demonstrate having used computers to be creative and get things done on deadline.

Click here for more information about their internship program.

Application deadline—November 15, 2020.