WBUR Newsroom Fellowship

Employer WBUR
Location Boston, MA
Type Full time
Apply by October 9,2020
More details https://www.wbur.org/inside/2020/08/04/wbur-boston-introduces-a-yearlong-newsroom-fellowship-journal
Posted on August 10, 2020


Announced today, Aug. 5, the WBUR Newsroom Fellowship is a yearlong program for journalists eager to pursue a career in public media. Applicants should be recent graduates or early-career journalists who are ambitious, hold a passion for public radio, are looking to build reporting and production skills, and have a demonstrated experience with and commitment to advancing issues of underrepresented voices in public radio.

The fellowship provides hands-on training in every aspect of public media journalism. Fellows will develop their skills under the guidance of WBUR’s editors and producers and will have opportunities to work alongside newsroom journalists. Fellows will be active members of the WBUR newsroom, involved in the production of news at every level – from morning editorial meetings to field reporting, to story mixing and publishing. With this fellowship, WBUR seeks to cultivate the talent and develop the skills of emerging journalists so that they may grow in their careers and become the next generation of reporters and newsroom leaders.

Newsroom Rotation
The Fellow will embed in different parts of the newsroom, rotating approximately every three months, maximizing exposure to the many aspects of public media. Each fellow will be paired with a newsroom mentor that will guide them through the entire fellowship program.

  1. Newscast. The Fellow will learn how to gather and write headline-style stories for broadcast, navigate WBUR’s newsroom content management systems, and record and edit audio.
  2. Live broadcast. The Fellow will join the production team of a WBUR show, will pitch ideas and learn how to produce daily segments for air, both live and pre-recorded.
  3. Digital. The Fellow will learn how to prepare stories for WBUR’s website, write headlines, and deploy social media strategy.
  4. Reporting. In the final months of the fellowship, the Fellow will use the skills developed in the previous rotations as a reporter in the newsroom. The Fellow will both have a chance to pitch ideas and be assigned to stories, working with an editor to learn piece scripting, editing, and story production.

Fellowship and Application Details

  • The fellowship will run from January through December 2021. Applications, open now, are due by Friday, October 9, 2020, and finalist(s) will be notified by Friday, November 6, 2020.
  • The fellowship is open to candidates who have recently received — or are about to receive — an undergrad or graduate degree, or who have recently embarked on a career in journalism.
  • Fellows will receive a salary of $50,000 along with healthcare and other Boston University benefits.
  • To apply, candidates should submit the following materials to fellowship@wbur.org
    • A cover letter explaining what matters to you most when it comes to journalism, what you hope to achieve in the fellowship, and a description of your interest or experience in promoting traditionally underrepresented voices and issues in journalism.
    • Resume
    • Work sample, for example: news clip, audio sample, an academic paper, or piece of creative writing
    • Two references