Tomoko Okada

Tomoko Okada headshot

Tomoko Okada is a Ph.D. Candidate in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her areas of research interest lie at the intersection of science, health and political communication. In particular, her research focuses on the public opinion, public discourse on (social) media, and information dissemination, especially as the issues become politicized and are affected by socio-economic factors.

In her dissertation, she explores these issues in the context of rural-urban divide in the U.S by combining survey data, text data of newspapers, and Twitter data. In addition, as a recipient of Japanese governmental scholarship, she received many trainings in advanced statistical analysis in social sciences and data science at ICPSR and University of Essex. Based on expertise and research experiences in these fields, she is also employing and developing computational methods in computational social sciences.