Journalism Internship with Start-Up

Employer TF Enterprises, Inc.
Location Remote Position
Type Internship
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Posted on August 28, 2019


Start-up company is providing a uniquely-timed opportunity for a journalism student, especially one with a solid background in consumer-oriented writing. Preferably one who loves to listen to music, play video games, and/or watch movies.

In particular, we’re looking for a journalism student interested in making a substantial contribution to those industries in the form of being in on the roll-out of a game-changing patented new technology and product that will significantly transform those industries when it’s released.

Position Description:
The position involves helping make important decisions about the introductory roll-out strategy for an ultra high-performance music, video game, movie and VR technology and product that just successfully finished its beta testing.

The product provides BY FAR the most breath-taking, accurate, realistic and immersive audio entertainment experience ever developed for music, video games, VR and movies.

It exactly positions crystal clear individual music, game and movie sounds around the listener like live sounds in real life on a performance level never experienced before.

In comparative A/B listening tests, it is preferred by 100% of game, music and movie experts over the most advanced headphones and surround sound speaker systems.

Duties and opportunities (to be discussed) for the following strategic real-world experiences that could be added to your resume:
• Selecting, organizing and improving marketing and roll-out content (from our extensive existing content) for introductory website, blog, email marketing, and editorial purposes.
• Helping to position this new content and plan a schedule for delivering it to three different (video game, music, and movie) markets.
• Helping to identify, connect and engage with key fans, having fun with them and helping them to become happy customers.
• Working with web designer, videographer and copywriter to coordinate written and graphic content and content delivery strategies. Opportunity for replacing current copywriter.
• InDesign skill and video making background is helpful, but not required.
• After website is open, helping to develop and implement local communications and Brand recognition strategies.
• Locating industry influencers and getting sample demo product into their hands for evaluation, feedback, editorial content and product promotion.
• Using Google analytics, keyword targeting and SEO to personalize content for website traffic.
• Enjoying seeing (and helping to bring about) a radical change and improvement to those who love to play video games, listen to music and watch movies.

Paid or unpaid position?
The position starts out as an unpaid intern position with opportunities for agreed-upon payments given for specific performance results. Also, a possible internship carry-over position with the company after graduation.

Hours per week?
This is an open-ended answer depending on the selection of duties mutually worked out.
The work involves collaborative work and independent work at open-ended and flexible times that should take, depending on duties selected, 5-10 hours per week.
Individualized work will be discussed depending on duties mutually worked out, timing expectations and completion requirements.

To learn more and how to apply, contact Rick O’Polka at
Please provide:
1. A few sentences (resume not needed) about your writing, journalism and media background, skill level, and studies, (including real world experience, if any). Include some of your relevant personal interests and any special information.
2. A few sentences about your music and video game experience – types of music and games you like (including level of your gaming experience) and any special interests or background in the industries mentioned above.
3. Your email, phone number and the best days and time(s) to try to reach you for a short follow-up phone conversation.

Everyone will be contacted back within 24 hours by email.
Those selected will be given a follow-up interview with the president of the company at a local Madison coffee shop of your choice to discuss specific opportunities, interests and needs. An NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) may be required.

Deadline not specified—Apply ASAP!

Note: The start up company’s physical location is in Milwaukee, however, no travel by the intern is needed. The president travels to Madison on a regular basis and meetings can be set up in advance when needed. Most work is easily done online, by phone, email, and/or text, etc.

This is a full equal opportunity company that’s worked six years to develop a radically new IKEA-like product with unmatched sustainability for the environment, that uses no electricity, that efficiently recycles lost energy, and that performs far better than any other technology, product or system. And, it does this in a way that’s user-friendly and affordable for all.