Joy A. Amundson

Chair, Board of Visitors

Joy has served in a variety of senior executive management positions during the past 30 years

With a home base in the greater Chicago-land area, Joy spent 20 years with Abbott Laboratories and 6 years with Baxter International both global leaders in developing and manufacturing health care products. Among her titles she was President of Baxter BioScience, President of Baxter World Trade Corporation, President of Abbott Nutrition, President of Abbott Chem/AG Group. She chaired Baxter’s Corporate Responsibility Office and Baxter’s Political Action Committee.

She currently serves as an independent Director of Covidien (medical devices) and ABIVAX (vaccines and pharma).  Previously Joy served as a Director for Apatech (orthobiologics), ILEX Oncology (biopharm), Inamed (pharma and medical devices), DIAL (consumer products) and Oridion (medical devices). She has been involved in numerous industry, civic and business groups.

Joy earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism from The University of Wisconsin-Madison in December 1976.

And began her business career at Procter & Gamble in 1977 during one of the worst Midwest snow storms in history (funny what you remember).

She earned a Masters in Management degree from Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Business in 1994.

Joy was raised in Madison just up the block from Camp Randall and educated by the Dominicans of a Blessed Sacrament and Edgewood High School–and home schooled on the progressive politics of her parents—and she shares their belief (and GK Chesterton) that education is the soul of society as it passes from generation to another.

Joy’s husband David started Amundson Partners (A2P) –healthcare consulting–in 2002. After 34 years in the C-suite in 2010 Joy joined the family business. David wonders how long that will last.