Soo Yun Kim

Soo Yun Kim is a doctoral student in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her research focuses on the interplay between media representations, communication activities, and civic engagement in science and environment. She is particularly interested in how the public receives information and develop attitudes/behaviors about science, technology, and environmental issues such as climate change, carbon emission, recycling and renewable energy. Also, she is interested in examining how various actors such as politicians, scientists, industries, media, interest groups, and the public influence life politics and policy making process. Lastly, she is interested in exploring ways to 1) improve communication between scientists and the public, 2) improve the public understanding of science, 3) implement environmentally sustainable practices and 4) understand the public perceptions of risk. Prior to her study in UW-Madison, she received her B.S. in Management major in Marketing and minor in Communication at Purdue University and M.A. in Journalism at University of South Carolina.