Advice for Transfer Students

If needed, take your Communication-A course

If you did not get Communication-A credit through one of your transfer courses and believe you should have, contact the office of undergraduate admissions as soon as possible. You may want to consider taking the English Placement Exam before you begin school at the UW to try to test out of this requirement, especially if you did not transfer an equivalent to Journalism 201.

Complete your math requirements

If you have an outstanding Quantitative Reasoning-A or math requirement, take the appropriate course/s (often Math 112, but there are many options) as soon as possible.

Complete your foreign language requirements

Check to ensure that any foreign language you may have transferred is applying appropriately to your BA or BS requirements.

Finish your science requirement

BA students must complete 12 credits in the sciences, and BS students must complete 16 credits.

Complete Journalism 201: Introduction to Mass Communication

J201 is a prerequisite for applying into the School of Journalism and Mass Communication. If you took an introductory-level journalism course at your previous school that transferred to UW–Madison as a journalism elective (e.g. “JOURN X12), but feel it is equivalent to J201 here, you may petition to have the course substituted for purposes of admission. See the journalism adviser to begin this process.

Take introductory social science courses

The School requires students to take three introductory-level social science courses from an approved list. Each of the three courses must be from a different department, and one must be either a political science or an economics course. Courses that transfer as electives in these departments may be substituted in special circumstances. See the adviser for details.

Consider taking one or two journalism theories and topics courses

Courses numbered in the 500s and 600s are called “Theories and Topics” courses. They are not restricted to declared majors. If you have junior status, you are eligible to take most of these classes. You must complete 12 credits of courses at this level to earn your degree.

Meet with the undergraduate adviser as early as possible

If you know that Journalism is the department for you, attend an “Admissions Information Workshop.” (See the Calendar of Events for information about when these will be held.) After you attend one of these workshops, you may call 608-263-4898 to make an advising appointment with the undergraduate adviser. Issues like course substitutions and missing requirements can have a big effect on which courses you take in your remaining semesters here. Particularly for transfer students, staying on schedule will determine when you graduate.