Scholarships & Senior Achievement Awards

SJMC Undergraduate Scholarship Program FAQ

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When is the 2021-2022 undergraduate scholarship application available?

The 2021-2022 SJMC Scholarship Program application will be open from Monday, November 1 at 12:01 a.m. through Thursday, December 23 at 11:59 p.m.

Who is eligible to apply?

All undergraduate School of Journalism and Mass Communication (SJMC) majors are eligible to apply. Even seniors graduating in May or August 2022 are eligible! Unfortunately, seniors graduating in December of 2021 are not eligible.

Is it really worth my time to apply?

SJMC has one of the most generous department-level scholarship programs on campus, thanks in great part to our generous alumni. Last year alone, 178 students received between $500 and $5,000+ in scholarships.  It is worth it to apply!

How do I apply?

To apply, login to the Wisconsin Scholarship Hub (WiSH) with your NetID. Applicants will be asked to fill out UW-Madison’s general application.

After the general application is complete, the “School of Journalism and Mass Communication Application” will appear under ‘My Applications’. Click on the application title to begin the process. SJMC students simply fill out one online application through the UW-Madison WiSH hub.  

Since just one scholarship application is required, how are scholarship awards determined then?

Different scholarships have different parameters or requirements. The SJMC scholarship committee works diligently to match the best student with the best scholarship. Awards are granted based on financial need, academic merit, experience, and / or involvement.

What materials are needed to complete the application?

Students will need a PDF copy of their current resume. In addition, students need to submit three (3) different brief statements on their career goals, work experience, and involvement (e.g. volunteer work, student organization participation, etc.)

When will I find out whether or not I received a scholarship award?

Students will be notified of their scholarship status by April 2022.

Do I need to do anything else after applying?

A few of our scholarships require that the awarded student write a ‘thank you’ letter if the corresponding scholarship has a living donor. Students receiving an award with this requirement will be informed of this when they accept their award.

Scholarship recipients are asked to submit a photograph and brief statement about how their scholarship helped them and to fill out a release granting SJMC permission to use these materials to promote our scholarship program to future applicants. Participation in this promotion program is completely voluntary.

What if I have additional questions or need assistance with the online application?

For technical assistance with the WiSH scholarship application online hub, contact Someone from the financial aid office will return your inquiry promptly, to guide you through any questions you may have about the online application.

For all other questions, contact , and someone from the SJMC scholarship committee will get back to you ASAP.

James L. Baughman Senior Achievement Awards

James Baughman, professor and department chair of Journalism and Mass Communication, posing with a 1953 Sylvania, foreground, and 1958 RCA television sets in the Wisconsin Historical Society's warehouse.
James Baughman

To be considered for a Senior Achievement Award, you must be graduating in the upcoming spring or summer term, and you must complete our scholarship application. Note: the same application is used for both scholarships and Senior Achievement Awards.

Additionally, Senior Achievement Award winners will be invited to the annual Alumni Awards Banquet held each spring.

Applications for the annual Senior Achievement Awards are available on Nov. 1, and recipients are announced no later than early April.

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James L. Baughman Senior Achievement Awards FAQ

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What are the James L. Baughman Achievement Awards?

SJMC recognizes distinguished seniors through the James L. Baughman Senior Achievement Award program. Up to five graduating undergraduate senior students each May are recognized for their achievements by our department.

What are the award criteria?

The scholarship committee reviews all applications and selects recipients based on their efforts and contributions, along with their total GPA.  The committee recommends the final candidates to the faculty, who ultimately vote to approve the recipients.

Who was James L. Baughman?

Professor James L. Baughman was a long-time faculty member of SJMC. He tirelessly devoted much of his career to serving undergraduates. Our senior achievement awards were named after him to honor his service to our students.

Who is eligible to receive a Senior Achievement Award?

Only seniors graduating in May of each year are eligible. To be considered, seniors must fill out the undergraduate scholarship application as noted earlier. Unfortunately, December or August graduates are not eligible for a Senior Achievement award.

I want to be considered for a Senior Achievement Award, but I don’t want to apply for a ‘scholarship.’ Why do I have to fill out the scholarship application?

To be considered for a senior achievement award, seniors must fill out the SJMC undergraduate scholarship application.  Said another way, seniors who don’t fill out the scholarship form by the December 23rd deadline will not be considered for a senior achievement award.


The information needed for the scholarship and senior achievement awards are the exact same. So rather than fill out 2 different applications, this online process saves time. Plus, it is always possible that these same graduating seniors may receive a scholarship along the way!

What are the key dates for the Senior Achievement Awards?

The dates are the same as for the SJMC scholarship program. Applications for Senior Achievement open on November 1 and close on December 23, 2021. Students will be notified in the Spring. Recipients will be recognized at our Alumni Awards Banquet in April 2022.