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SJMC faculty research team wins $411,000 UW2020 grant to study state communication and politics.

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SJMC Awarded $411,000 Through UW2020 Grant for Research "Communication Ecologies, Political Contention, and Democratic Crisis"

School of Journalism and Mass Communication professors Lew Friedland and Dhavan Shah, associate professors Michael Wagner and Christopher Wells and …

Professor Young Mie Kim Publishes Research on Groups and Targets of Divisive Issue Campaigns on Facebook

The UW-Madison research, “The Stealth Media? Groups and Targets Behind Divisive Issue Campaigns on Facebook,” conducted by Professor Young Mie …

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Fall 2018 Internships
The National Museum of American History
Washington D.C.
Marketing/Graphic Design Associate Directors
UW-Madison, Wisconsin Union Directorate
Madison, WI
Campaign Staff
The Fund for the Public Interest
Madison, WI
Junior Digital Marketing Specialist
Madison, WI
Digital Remedy Summer Internship
Digital Remedy
NYC and New Orleans
Full Circle Natural Medicine, LLC
Madison, WI
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