Hoofers sailboats sail on Lake Mendota with the state capitol building in the background.

Summer Term

Summer Term 2024 Course Offerings

All courses are 100% online

  • JOURN 150: Introduction to Sports Communication*
  • JOURN 175: Media Fluency in a Digital Age**
  • JOURN 335: Principles and Practices of Reporting***
  • JOURN 345: Principles and Practices of Strategic Communication***
  • JOURN 350: Sports Marketing Communications*
  • JOURN 411: Multimedia Design***
  • JOURN 450: Sports Reporting and Writing*
  • JOURN 651: Sports Controversies and Communication Professions*

*fulfills a required course for the Sports Communication Certificate
**fulfills a required course for the Digital Studies Certificate
***fulfills a required course for graduation from the J-School

Important Dates