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Be a reporter, make a difference

Professional M.A.

Join the professional master’s degree program in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and get prepared to work in a newsroom with a full set of professional skills, conceptual background and specialization you design.

World-class learning meets hands-on experience in the Professional M.A. program

The professional M.A. typically leads to careers in news and information production. In collaboration with an advisor, students construct a program of required and elective courses that emphasizes in-depth coursework in a variety of nonfiction genres such as investigative reporting or literary journalism. This 30-credit degree should combine a mix of courses on practical communication skills, conceptual knowledge of journalism and mass communication, and an area of specialization.

Skills classes are a significant component of this program. However, a hallmark of the Wisconsin method of journalism education is that press theory and the role journalists play in society are given equal weight. The development of a specialty in journalism is a central component of this program. As such, all applications will be considered, however preference will be given to those seeking to pursue and build journalistic credentials within a specialty area in order to seek a job in the professional world.

This program is particularly well suited for people with undergraduate degrees in non-journalism areas seeking journalistic skills to enhance existing areas of interest or general assignment reporters who seek a specialization. Thus, applicants should have a strong notion of what kind of specialty they might want to pursue before enrolling and indicate that interest on the application.

To find out more, please contact professional master’s degree program director Stacy Forster at or graduate advisor Lindsey Bliefernicht at