Bias and Hate Reporting

The University of Wisconsin-Madison and the School of Journalism and Mass Communication are committed to creating a safe and supportive environment for all people. The institution values a diverse community where all members are able to fully participate in the Wisconsin Experience. As Chapter 17 of the UW System code states, the university can accomplish its educational mission only if living and learning environments are safe and free from violence, harassment and intimidation.

Incidents of bias or hate affecting a person or group negatively impact the quality of the Wisconsin Experience for community members. UW-Madison takes such incidents seriously and will respond appropriately to reported or observed incidents of bias or hate.

If a student experiences harassment, assault, or any other incident of bias, we encourage you to reach out to someone as soon as possible. Reporting connects you to support and resources available on campus and in the larger community and can help in the healing process. It is also important for the university to have a record of incidents on campus in order to understand what is happening and find ways to address problems.

SJMC Bias and Hate Reporting Resources

You can talk with someone in the department if you wish. Any trusted faculty member, staff or teaching assistant can be a first point of contact.

Our advisors are trained to support students and we encourage you to talk with one of us. We respect your privacy and will let you know when we are required to report an incident to another campus entity.

Campus Bias and Hate Reporting Resources