A group of graduates pose for a photo during UW-Madison's winter commencement ceremony at the Kohl Center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison on Dec. 20, 2015. The indoor graduation was attended by approximately 1,200 bachelor's and master's degree candidates, plus their guests. (Photo by Jeff Miller/UW-Madison)

Recent Graduates

Nearly 85 percent of our graduates are placed in university positions, with 47 percent placed in top-tier research institutions. Another 11 percent find careers in government, private or nonprofit sectors. This list of recent Ph.D. recipients includes either first position or current position, depending on available information.

Eulalia Puig Abril, Ph.D. 2011 | Associate Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago

German Alvarez, Ph.D. 2018 | Postdoc, University of Texas, Austin

Mitchell Bard, Ph.D. 2015 | Assistant Professor, Iona College

Matthew Barnidge, Ph.D. 2015 | Assistant Professor, University of Alabama

Amy Bree Becker, Ph.D. 2010 | Associate Professor, Loyola University Maryland

Kiran Bhatia, Ph.D. 2022 | User Experience Researcher, Victoria’s Secret

Porismita Borah, Ph.D. 2010 | Associate Professor, Washington State University

Peter Hart-Brinson, Ph.D. 2010 | Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

Qiujing Lisa Bu, Ph.D. 2010 | Content Distribution Manager, TED Conferences

David Jasun Carr, Ph.D. 2014 | Assistant Professor, Idaho State University

Eunji Cho, Ph.D. 2019 | Assistant Professor, Midwestern State University

Helen Cho, Ph.D. 2021 | Assistant Professor, University of Richmond

Hyesun Choung, Ph.D. 2020 | Postdoc, Michigan State University

Caitlin Cieslik-Miskimen, Ph.D. 2019 | Assistant Professor, University of Idaho

David Coppini, Ph.D. 2017 | Assistant Professor, University of Denver

Catasha Davis, Ph.D. 2017 | Researcher, FrameWorks Institute

Anthony Dudo, Ph.D. 2011 | Associate Professor, University of Texas at Austin

Omar Dumdum, Ph.D. 2023 | Senior Communications Specialist, WI Dept of Employee Trust Funds

Megan Duncan, Ph.D. 2018 | Assistant Professor, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University

Stephanie Edgerly, Ph.D. 2012 | Associate Professor, Northwestern University

Brian Ekdale, Ph.D. 2011 | Associate Professor, University of Iowa

Jordan Foley, Ph.D. 2020 | Assistant Professor, Washington State

Timothy K. F. Fung, Ph.D. 2010 | Associate Professor, Hong Kong Baptist University

Philip Glende, Ph.D. 2010 | Student Media Executive Director, Indiana State University, Terre Haute

Shreenita Ghosh, Ph.D. 2022 | Research Associate, Pew Research Center

Hyungjin Gill, Ph.D. 2022 | Assistant Professor, Cal State Poly Pomona

Melissa Gotlieb, Ph.D. 2012  | Associate Professor, Texas Tech University

Ornella Hills, Ph.D. 2021 | Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin-Steven’s Point

Yangsun Hong, Ph.D. 2018 | Assistant Professor, University of New Mexico-Albuquerque

Ceri Hughes, Ph.D. 2019 | Lecturer, Brunel University – London

Juwon Hwang, Ph.D. 2021 | Assistant Professor, Oklahoma State University

Jinha Kim, Ph.D. 2019 | Postdoc, University of Pennsylvania

Nakho Kim, Ph.D. 2015 | Assistant Professor, Penn State Harrisburg

Sang Jung Kim, Ph.D. 2023 | Assistant Professor, University of Iowa

Soo Yun Kim, Ph.D. 2022 | Assistant Professor, University of Texas- Rio Grande Valley

Sojung Claire Kim, Ph.D. 2011 | Assistant Professor, George Mason University

Sunghak Kim, Ph.D. 2021 | Postdoc, Yonsei University College of Medicine

Magda Konieczna, Ph.D. 2014 | Assistant Professor, Temple University

Rachel Kornfield, Ph.D. 2018 | Postdoc, Northwestern University 

Min Woo Kwon, Ph.D. 2014 | Manager Big Data Group, Samsung Electronics Co., LTD

Julie Beth Lane, Ph.D. 2010 | Assistant Professor, Boise State University

Namjin Lee, Ph.D. 2010 | Associate Professor, College of Charleston

Jianing Li, Ph.D. 2022 | Assistant Professor, University of South Florida

Jiawei Liu, Ph.D. 2019 | Postdoc, Cornell University

Josephine Lukito, Ph.D. 2020 | Assistant Professor, University of Texas-Austin

Timothy Macafee, Ph.D. 2014 | Assistant Professor, Concordia University

Bryan McLaughlin, Ph.D. 2014 | Assistant Professor, Texas Tech University

Mark Mederson, Ph.D. 2019 | Assistant Professor, Loras College 

Meredith Metzler, Ph.D. 2020 | Research Lead, Northwestern Mutual

Matt Minich, Ph.D. 2023 | Postdoctoral Researcher, UW-Madison School of Medicine and Public Health

Xerxes Minocher, Ph.D. 2023 | Assistant Professor, Haverford College

Estelle Ranran Mi, Ph.D. 2022 | Assistant Professor, Kean University

Michael Mirer, Ph.D. 2016 | Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

TaeJoon Moon, Ph.D. 2017 | Assistant Professor, University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio

Kang Namkoong, Ph.D. 2011 | Assistant Professor, University of Maryland

Margarita Orozco, Ph.D. 2023 | Assistant Professor, University of Kansas

Mallory Perryman, Ph.D. 2017 | Assistant Professor, Virginia Commonwealth University

Linda Pfeiffer, Ph.D. 2015 | Assistant Professor, Purdue University

Robert Rabe, Ph.D. 2013 | Graduate Coordinator, Marshall University

Erica Salkin, Ph.D. 2012 | Associate Professor, Whitworth University

Nicholas Brigham Schmuhl, Ph.D. 2014 | Communications Manager, Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology, UW-Madison

Mitch Schwartz, Ph.D. 2019 | Technical Service Engineer, EPIC

Manisha Shelat, Ph.D. 2014 | Associate Professor, Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad (MICA)

Denise St. Clair, Ph.D. 2015 | Senior Study Director at Westat

Jordan Stalker, Ph.D. 2017 | Adjunct Faculty, DePaul University

Jiyoun Suk, Ph.D. 2021 | Assistant Professor, University of Connecticut

Kihun Sung, Ph.D. 2011 | Assistant Professor, Catholic University of Korea

Swee Kiat “SK” Tay, Ph.D. 2022 | Postdoc, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, Singapore

Christopher Terry, Ph.D. 2012 | Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota

John C. Thomson Jr., Ph.D. 2013 | Learning Platform Administrator, Stanford Graduate School of Business

Kjerstin Sonja Thorson, Ph.D. 2010 | Associate Professor, Michigan State University

Jeff Tischauser, Ph.D. 2020 | Senior Research Analyst, Southern Poverty Law Center

Chau Tong, Ph.D. 2021 | Postdoc, Cornell University

Jiun-Yi Tsai, Ph.D. 2014 | Assistant Professor, Northern Arizona University

Stephanie Tsang, Ph.D. 2017 | Assistant Professor, Hong Kong Baptist University

Melissa Tully, Ph.D. 2011 | Associate Professor, University of Iowa

Davita Veselenak, Ph.D. 2014 | Program & Policy Analyst, Wisconsin Department of Administration

Emily Vraga, Ph.D. 2011 | Associate Professor, George Mason University

Bryan Ming Wang, Ph.D. 2012 | Assistant Professor, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Steven Wang, Ph.D. 2022 | Postdoc, University of Kansas

Alicia Wright, Ph.D. 2020 | Assistant Director, Lifelong Learning, Dartmouth College

Yiping Xia, Ph.D. 2022 | Assistant Professor, Texas A&M University 

Ellie Fan Yang, Ph.D. 2022 | Assistant Professor, Northwest Missouri State University

JungHwan Yang, Ph.D. 2018 | Assistant Professor, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Woo Hyun Yoo, Ph.D. 2014 | Assistant Professor, Incheon National University

Yini Zhang, Ph.D. 2020 | Assistant Professor, SUNY – Buffalo

Keith Zukas, Ph.D. 2013 | Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater