Inclusive Recruiting and Student Support Initiative: How You Can Help the J-School

Student sitting around a table smiling and talking to one another.
Undergraduate students participate in a group activity during a Journalism 563: Law of Mass Communication class taught by Associate Professor Kathleen Culver in Helen C. White Hall at the University of Wisconsin-Madison on March 4, 2020. Culver, assistant professor of journalism and mass communication, is one of thirteen recipients of the 2020 Distinguished Teaching Award (DTA). (Photo by Jeff Miller / UW-Madison)

Through our daily work as academics and educators, we are committed to making this world a safer, more productive, more equitable place for everyone. Inspired by our students and their own commitment to social justice, we have created an action plan to guide us in furthering our efforts.

Our commitments include recruiting a diverse student body and building a school community where people feel a sense of belonging, so we have created the Inclusive Recruiting and Student Support InitiativeThroughout the month of December, you can support the J-School by giving a gift to this initiative.

Through the Initiative, the J-School will:

  • Expand recruitment efforts for undergraduate and graduate students of color by building community partnerships and encouraging the next generation of journalists, strategic communicators and scholars of color.
  • Support students of color in the J-School with resources, professional development opportunities and more.
  • Continuously create an intentionally inclusive environment in which students of color can learn, achieve and grow.

Your support for this Initiative will extend the J-School community you’ve known to more students and help ensure our shared future. Here’s how your gift can advance our efforts:

  • $25 help fund an orientation and social for incoming students of color
  • $50 hire a student to work hourly on promoting the J-School to freshmen and incoming students
  • $100 send a student to a professional development conference or training
  • $250 underwrite a digital “alumni day” to connect current students with inspirational J-School graduates
  • $1,000 and above contribute to hiring recruitment support

Support the Initiative