Carlos Davalos

Carlos Dávalos eating tacos

Carlos Dávalos is conducting doctoral studies in UW-Madison’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication graduate program. In May 2017, Carlos graduated from UT-Austin’s Ethnomusicology Department with a piece on cultural hybridity and agency in Mexico’s hip-hop scene. In May 2009, Carlos graduated from UC-Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism with an investigative article about Mexico City’s illegal, underground drug-rehab facilities —anexos. Mexico’s society, media ecology and popular culture are a central part of Carlos’ research agenda. Primary interests are the influence U.S. mass media and mainstream culture play in the configuration of certain Mexican identities and the constitution of Mexico’s mass media system. Before moving back to the U.S., Carlos was adjunct faculty at the Communications Department in Mexico City’s Universidad Iberoamericana.

Twitter: @davalos