JD Duncan


JD Duncan headshot

JD Duncan (they/ he) is a research master’s student in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication who studies media, gender and the far-right. They investigate the framing of ideas in media and its effects on individual’s perspectives and lived experiences.

Their ongoing projects explore how gender inclusivity is framed in right-wing podcasts, the influence of emotion on fostering support for anti-feminist viewpoints, and the impact of purity culture and rhetoric promoting sexual abstinence on the lived experiences of Christians.

JD’s research is rooted in the belief that discourse does not occur in isolation; rather, the voices heard, the perspectives absent, and the ideas repressed have consequences for individuals and society.

JD earned their B.A. magna cum laude in Television, Radio and Emerging Media, with minors in Political Science and Sociology from Brooklyn College. They enjoy cooking and baking for friends and listening to music in their spare time.