Xiaoya Jiang


Xiaoya Jiang headshot

Xiaoya Jiang is a Ph.D. candidate in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, with a Ph.D. minor in Electrical & Computer Engineering and a Master of Science in Statistics. She studies public opinion using computational approaches. Xiaoya’s research interest centers on assessing public opinion and using strategic communication to promote pro-social public opinion on critical issues in the digital media era. She is also interested in exploring and applying statistical and computational methods to public opinion study, such as survey analysis, experimental design and analysis, social media analytics, time series analysis, and machine-learning. Xiaoya enjoys interdisciplinary collaborations in research, and hiking with friends in personal life.

Xiaoya’s papers have been published in journals including Political Communication, Social Media + Society, Journal of Health Communication, Health Communication, Personality and Individual Differences, Journal of Medical Internet Research, Human Communication Research, and under Revise and Resubmission in New Media & Society, Public Opinion Quarterly. Her papers have also been presented at conferences such as International Communication Association. Xiaoya’s published papers can be found at Google Scholar.