Jisoo Kim

Lecturer; Ph.D. Student, School of Journalism and Mass Communication


Jisoo Kim headshot

Jisoo Kim is a doctoral candidate and the Helen Firstbrook Franklin Wisconsin Distinguished Graduate Fellow in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication. Her research centers on how media environments influence social democracy, with particular attention to public perception and polarization. She has looked at various subjects in this regard, from what hampers a more engaging and inclusive society to how to enhance the civic culture in digital media platforms to break stereotypes and foster healthy ideas- and opinion-sharing.

Currently, Kim is the instructor for JOURN 565: Effects of Mass Communication. Previously, she taught diverse courses of varying levels in and outside the department as a TA. Her teaching experiences spanned from introductory level classes (JOURN 201: Introduction to Mass Communication, JOURN 202: Mass Communication Practices, JOURN 203: Information for Communication) to interdisciplinary (Inter L&s 106: Purposeful Action – Parkland, Protest, & You, LIS201: The Information Society) and advanced ones (JOURN 565: Effects of Mass Communication).

Kim holds an M.A. in Communication from Seoul National University and earned her B.A. in Mass Communications and Korean Language & Literature from Sogang University in Seoul, South Korea.