What’s Next for Our 2020 PhD Graduates?

As summer winds to a close, many of our 2020 Ph.D. alums are heading out into the world and moving on to their next adventures. 

Nearly 87 percent of our graduates are placed in university positions, with 47 percent placed in top-tier research institutions.  About 13 percent find careers in government, private or nonprofit sectors. 

We’re immensely proud of our graduates, especially given the unique circumstances in which they finished their time in the SJMC. We know they will continue to do great things wherever they go. 

Here are the new roles some of our graduate alums are taking on: 

Hyesun Choung, Ph.D. 2020 – Postdoc, Michigan State University


Hyesun Choung, PhD Journalism and Mass Communication, Favorite J-School Memory "My most memorable semester was when I taught a J202 session. My HAPP team was just remarkable."

Jordan Foley, Ph.D. 2020 – Assistant Professor, Washington State 


Jordan Foley PhD Political Communication - Favorite J-School Memory "Working and growing with my graduate student cohort has been an experience I'll never forget. They will be lifelong friends, mentors and co-authors, and I will be forever grateful for how generous they have been with their knowledge and time."

Josephine Lukito, Ph.D. 2020 – Assistant Professor, University of Texas – Austin 


Josephine Lukito PhD Political Communication, Computational Sociolinguistics, State-Sponsored Propaganda - J-School Takeaway "Late-night AEJMC writing sessions and computational communication workshops. The most important lesson of writing is editing, editing and editing."

Meredith Metzler, Ph.D. 2020 – Research Lead, Northwestern Mutual 


Meredith Metzler PhD Mass Communication - Favorite J-School Memory "I met my now-husband TA-ing J202. I have so many fantastic memories working with SJMC faculty and J202 students, but meeting Tim is pretty hard to top."

Yini Zhang, Ph.D. 2020 – Assistant Professor, SUNY – Buffalo 


Yini Zhang PhD New Media, Attention Economy, Public Opinion - Favorite J-School Memory "Potluck party at Al's house and ICA pre-deadline work/pizza party sponsored by Dhavan."

Congratulations to all!