Summer Term 2017


The School of Journalism and Mass Communication is offering three  Summer Term courses for majors and non-majors, with high-demand online and early-summer classes allowing students to spend most or all of the summer anywhere they like, on or off campus.

  • Online instruction is conducted entirely via the Internet and allows a full summer of employment, internship work or a break at home.
  • Early-summer instruction allows students to complete credits by June 25, with the rest of the summer to spend as you please.

Enrollment times for summer term will become visible in your Student Center on March 13. Summer enrollment begins March 27 (for seniors). For questions or more information, contact Robert Schwoch at or the course instructors (see course descriptions).


Summer Term 2017

JOURNALISM 162: Mass Media in Multicultural America

Online only May 30-August 20 • 3 credits • explore media content and coverage in diverse cultural contexts • meets Ethnic Studies requirement

JOURNALISM 175: Media Fluency for the Digital Age

Online only May 30-June 25 • 3 credits • gain social and interactive media skills, including starting your own blog • meets core Digital Studies Certificate requirement

JOURNALISM 445: Creative Messages (the “Mad Men” course)

On campus May 30-June 25 • 4 credits • develop creative skill for advertising               and PR campaigns • counts toward the Digital Studies Certificate