This concentration focuses on the skills needed to become a journalist. It does not focus on a specific subject or a specific medium. Rather, it allows a student to gain the critical skills needed to be successful in any reporting environment, whether it be a newspaper, magazine, radio or television station or some form of online communications.

Strategic Communications

This concentration prepares students to pursue opportunities in advertising, public relations or other kinds of persuasive communication. Courses allow students to acquire and practice skills in simulated situations. Instead of centering on specific fields, classes explore skills that are essential across the board—skills such as creative concepting, design, working with media, or strategic planning.

About the Undergraduate Degree

Degrees granted: Journalism Bachelor of Arts (JBA) or Journalism Bachelor of Science (JBS).

Length of study: Three semesters minimum to complete all degree requirements; summer courses may apply.

Course of study and prerequisites: J201 is required for admission to the J-School, and J202 is a prerequisite for both J335 and J345. Thus, J202 cannot be taken in the same semester as J335 or J345. Nor may students take J335/345 while taking a 400-level course.

Tracks within the major: Students may choose either journalism or strategic communications as their major track. Students who choose to double-track must take courses sequentially.

Other degree requirements: Students must complete the standard Letters & Science general education requirements and a breadth requirement within the journalism major. This includes a complement of humanities and social science courses.

Study abroad and double majors: It is possible to complete a double major or study abroad and, with good planning, still graduate in four years. Note: Students may not double major in Journalism and any program offered through the School of Education (such as Art) or the Business School (such as Marketing, with the exception of the Certificate for Non-Business Majors).

Journalism certificate or minor: None offered.