Palmer wins Lillian Lodge Kopenhaver Junior Woman Scholar Award

SJMC’s Dr. Lindsay Palmer won the Lillian Lodge Kopenhaver Junior Woman Scholar Award at the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication meeting in Washington, D.C. this past August.

The award is presented to a woman junior scholar “who demonstrates outstanding research and great potential for future scholarship” according to the award’s website.

For Palmer, winning the award means more than recognition, but reassurance that she’s following a similar path as the women she admires in her field.

“Some of the women who I really look up to in journalism studies, especially journalism studies from a qualitative and human perspective, have also in their earlier years won this award,” says Palmer. “It just kind of made me feel really good to know that in some small way maybe I’m kind of following in their footsteps a little bit.”

In addition, Palmer’s paper on news fixers and ethical listening won the Media Ethics Division’s top prize for professional relevance.

Going forward, Palmer says this recognition will continue to propel her to consider gender, sexuality, race and ethnicity in her research. She notes that it’s easy to avoid these topics, but remains committed to researching them.

Palmer says, “For me, it’s always been really important to be very direct in the goal of studying, especially how social injustice can happen through the media.”

Palmer is an assistant professor in the SJMC and studies global media from a qualitative perspective.