SJMC students and faculty present at 2022 NCA Convention

statue of jazz musicians with the title of the NCA's conference
Photo courtesy of NCA

The National Communication Association will hold its annual convention November 17-20, 2022 in New Orleans. The 108th annual convention’s theme, “Honoring PLACE: People, Liberation, Advocacy, Community, and Environment,” is sure to promote engaging discussion on important topics. Graduate students and faculty from the UW-Madison School of Journalism and Mass Communication will be active throughout the conference presenting research and speaking on panels. Here’s a look at the sessions featuring SJMC students and faculty:

Thursday, November 17

  • Poderistas Overcoming Acculturative Stress: Instagram as a Site for Care and Support for Latinas in the United States
    • Sponsor: La Raza Caucus
    • Author: Elaine Almeida; Co-Author: Jessica Needle
  • Did ‘Schitt’s Creek′ Get it Right? A Comparison of Rewarded Acts of Inclusivity Versus Punished Acts of Homophobia in a Fictional Narrative
    • Presented During: Exploring Different Experiences through Mediated Communication
    • Sponsor: Mass Communication Division
    • Author: Linqi Lu, Co-Authors: Hyungjin Gill, Ran Tao, Nguyen Hoang Nguyen, Kate Christy, Karyn Riddle
  • A Number is Worth a Thousand Words: Effects and Psychological Mechanisms of Communicating Vaccine Efficacy Information
    • Presented During: Health Communication Data Blitz: Vaccine Use, Social Norms, and Health Behaviors
    • Sponsor: Health Communication Division
    • Author: Linqi Lu, Co-Authors: Sang Jung Kim, Ran Tao, Jiawei Liu, Douglas McLeod
  • Support Provider and Recipient Own and Inferred Interaction Goals across Two Conversations
    • Presented During: Social Cognition, Health, and the Environment
    • Sponsor: Communication and Social Cognition Division
    • Author: Lisa Guntzviller, Co-Authors: Megan Jacbos Farnworth, Danni Liao, Kirsten E. Pool, Jia Yan, Sarah Julien-Bell, Sarah Caban, Lauren Kriss
  • A Test of Restoration Postscripts and Descriptive Norm Appeals to Mitigate Psychological Reactance to an Opt-Out Organ Donor Registry in the United States
    • Presented During: Norms, Messaging, and Impacts on Social Behaviors
    • Sponsor: Health Communication Division
    • Author: Brian L. Quick, Co-Authors: Lauren Kriss, Ethan Morrow, Daniel Hartman, Brenda Koester
  • Moralization Effects of Pictorial Tobacco Control Messages: Moral Convictions, Social Regulations and Emotional Pathways
    • Presented During: Norms, Messaging, and Impacts on Social Behaviors
    • Sponsor: Health Communication Division
    • Author: Sijia Yang, Co-Author: Yoo Ji Suh

Friday, November 18

  • Mentoring, Networking, and Building Community as Asian/Pacific American Scholars
    • Sponsor: Asian/Pacific American Caucus
    • SJMC Presenters: Elaine Almeida and Sang Jung Kim
  • Tell China’s Conspiracy Well: Anti-CPC Conspiracy Theory Network beyond the Great Firewall
    • Presented During: From Political Misinformation to Conspiracy Theories
    • Sponsor: Political Communication Division
    • Author: Abby Youran Qin, Co-Authors: Fan Xiao, Linjie Dai
  • Psychological Reactance Theory and COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates: The Role of Sanctions with Direct and Indirect Threats to Freedom
    • Presented During: Mediated and Organizational Impacts on Vaccine Intentions and Advocacy
    • Sponsor: Health Communication Division
    • Author: Lauren Kriss, Co-Authors: Brian L. Quick, Stephen Rains, Juliana L. Barbati
  • ‘Community,’ Institutional Failure, and Survival: An Idographic Analysis of Community Conversations on Inequity
    • Presented During: Having Difficult Conversations Across Identity and Difference
    • Sponsor: Public Dialogue and Deliberation Division
    • Author: Dominique A. Salas, Co-Author: Susan Robinson

Saturday, November 19

  • La Raza Mentorship Panel
    • Sponsor: La Raza Caucus
    • SJMC Presenters: Elaine Almeida and Jessica Needle
  • Disruptive Advertising in Online Streaming Video Services: Impacts on Ad Effectiveness and Content Perceptions
    • Presented During: Advertising Influence and Adaptability to the Current Media Landscape
    • Sponsor: Mass Communication Division
    • Author: Katheryn R. Christy, Co-Authors: Ranran Zhu Mi, Ran Tao, Linqi Lu, Kevin Fleming
  • Group communication causes a reversed serial-order effect in creative process
    • Presented During: Group Communication Division Top Paper Session
    • Sponsor: Group Communication Division
    • Author: Paul Hangsan Ahn, Co-Authors: Lyn M. Van Swol, Runzhi Mary Lu, Sang Jung Kim, Hyelin Park, Roubert Moulder
  • Staying Tuned for Censored Information Sources? A media habit approach to immigrants’ information practices
    • Presented During: Top Student Papers in Political Communication
    • Sponsor: Political Communication Division
    • Author: Abby Youran Qin
  • Toward an Evidence-Driven Understanding of China Digital Trace Research and Quality Criteria in Chinese Communication Research
    • Presented During: Interpersonal Communication and Digital Media in China
    • Sponsor: Chinese Communication Association
    • Author: Kaiping Chen, Co-Authors: Yingdan Lu, Yiming Wang