SJMC Students Eunji Cho, Ornella Hills, Jinha Kim Receive Global Health Institute Graduate Student Research Awards

Three SJMC Ph.D. students were selected to receive funding through the UW-Madison Global Health Institute (GIH).

Eunji Cho’s Student Research Award proposal, “Protecting Children from Junk Food Online Game: Introducing Stop-and-Take-a-Break Intervention Strategy,” was selected to receive $5,000 in GIH funding.

Ornella Hills’ Graduate Student Research Award proposal, “The Role of New Media and Communication in Youth-Driven Mental Health Promotion Initiatives in Underserved Communities in British Columbia, Canada” was also selected to receive $5,000 in funding.

Jinha Kim also received $5,000 from GIH for her proposal, “Unintended Reactance to Health Campaigns and the Presumably Influenced Public.”

Their awards, granted because the reviewers deemed their proposals to be of great promise for improving global health, will be used to fund project-related expenses and supplies.