Top 10 Reasons to Attend J-School in the Summer

10. Earlier graduation. Summer study in the J-School allows up to 10 credits of work while enabling you to be home (or anywhere you like) most of the summer. For many students this can mean graduation a semester early with significant tuition and expense savings.

9. Lower cost. The tuition dollars you spend in the summer can often be saved in fewer credits later. And in the summer everything from 6 to 9 credits is tuition-free. Consult with an advisor to plan for maximum cost savings.

8. Better job prospects. Summer study can mean a lighter course schedule later, allowing more time for intensive academic-year internships and a thorough job search as graduation approaches.

7. Faster major and certificate completion. J-School summer courses fulfill key UW requirements such as ethnic studies, the Digital Studies Certificate core requirement, and the 400-level J-School major requirement in both professional tracks.

6. High-quality instruction. You get real J-School courses from full-time UW professors and lecturers who teach during the regular year – not summer substitutes.

5. Greater access. Summer study in the J-School offers higher capacity in popular courses that can fill fast during the regular academic year.

4. Space for all. Courses that are restricted to J-School majors during the regular academic year are open by instructor consent to all majors during the summer. (See SJMC course descriptions for the instructors and their contact information.)

3. Sharper focus. Immerse yourself in a subject without the distraction of four or five classes going on at once.

2. Walk in May. If you’re finishing your requirements in the summer, you can participate in the full May graduation ceremony before summer starts.

1. The Terrace on a warm, sunny day. You don’t have to be on campus all summer…but you can be…