School of Journalism and Mass Communication Honors Outstanding Seniors, Graduate Students and Alumni for 2019

The 2019 School of Journalism and Mass Communication award ceremony was held Friday, April 26 to recognize the achievements of outstanding students and alumni of the school. The following honorees were recognized:

James L. Baughman Senior Achievement Award given for outstanding academic, professional and community service:
Laura Bunn
Haidee Chu
Mckenzie Halling
Olivia Jones
Izabella Zaluska

Teaching Excellence Award in recognition of outstanding and inspirational teaching performance:
Aman Abhishek
Shreenita Ghosh
Hyungjin Gill
Ayellet Pelled
Elena Xie

Leadership Award in recognition of outstanding service as a leader and organizer of the Communications Crossroads Conference 2019:
Carlos Dávalos
Shreenita Ghosh
Juwon Hwang
Josephine Lukito
Ayellet Pelled
Steven Wang

Ralph O. Nafziger Award for distinguished achievement within 10 years of graduation:
Zachary Zaban, 2011

Harold L. Nelson Award for distinguished contribution to research in journalism and mass communication education:
Patricia Moy, Ph.D., 1998

Sharon Dunwoody Early Career Award for distinguished achievement in teaching and research within 5-10 years of graduation from the Ph.D. program:
Jason Shepard, Ph.D. 2009
Stephanie Edgerly, Ph.D., 2012

Distinguished Service Award for professional contributions in journalism and mass communication:
John Baumann, 1982
Allee Willis, 1969
Ted Perry, 1986

Congratulations to all of our winners!