Student Profile: Berklee Klauck

In the spring of 2018, senior Berklee Klauck sat in the Digital Media Strategies class for her first go-round with the Fox Sports franchise. She took the Milwaukee Bucks by their horns and Brewers by their bats to create a digital marketing strategy for the teams. But when the project was pitched and the class ended, Klauck wasn’t ready to retire from her sporting career just yet. So, in the summer of 2018 she packed her bags for California and took a position as a marketing intern for Fox Sports San Diego. In an office of only about ten full-time staff, she took on a big role, playing her baseball card and working mostly with the San Diego Padres.

“Even though my title was ‘marketing intern’ I kind of had the freedom to see the whole operation, which was pretty cool,” says Klauck.

Picking up and moving to San Diego for the summer was an adventure all on its own. Klauck reminisces about moving to a city where everything was new, including the people she worked with, the place where she lived and the projects she completed. Klauck says that watching all of the various elements that go into a broadcast was something she had never experienced and an aspect of her job she really enjoyed.

To land the internship in the first place Klacuk leveraged her previous experience with Fox Sports from her Digital Media Strategies class. But she had more than just connections to help her in landing the position: she had the SJMC behind her too. Klauck describes the curriculum in the school as hands on, much more than a lecture and a textbook.

“I had experience in a lot of different programs and a lot of different areas that I don’t think I would have experience in had I been in a different school,” says Klauck.

As a senior in her final semester, Klauck is keeping an open mind about what is to come after graduation. Ideally, she hopes to find an opportunity where she can blend her experiences in social media, marketing and design. Though wherever she ends up, she’ll surely hit it out of the park.