New Faculty Position in SJMC

The School of Journalism and Mass Communication is searching for a new faculty member to join our ranks in fall 2019. We are looking for a new colleague with expertise in computational approaches to media research. Striking a balance between social theory and the power of computational methods, our new colleague will examine the complex digital data footprints to understand the implications of human interactions with our ever-expanding media ecosystem. Computational communication research includes techniques such as big data analytics, computer-aided content analysis, natural language processing, machine learning and social network analysis.

“Hiring in computational communication science is critical for our profile as a leader in communication research, graduate education, and undergraduate training. Techniques like machine learning, automated text analysis, dynamic network analysis, digital trace data scraping and mapping, and other computational techniques are increasingly center to mass communication research, especially work centering on social media. Understanding these tools is also critical to careers in data journalism, web analytics, consumer data mining, and other applications in reporting and strategic communication,” said Professor Dhavan Shah, chair of the search committee.

The current search comes on the heels of three other recent hires. In fall 2017, the SJMC welcomed assistant professors Christopher Cascio and Kathryn McGarr. Cascio is an expert on media effects and used brain imaging technology to understand the impact of media messages on attitude and behavior change. Meanwhile, McGarr is a media historian who is currently writing a book about the role of women journalists in covering America’s Cold War foreign policy.

We also welcomed assistant professor Katheryn Christy to our ranks this fall who will teach courses in her research specialty on health communication as well as strategic communication and media effects.